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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

frustrated... I swear this blog won't be me bitching all the time, but will probably have long as titles

Ok, so once a week Troy and I had our daughter take pics of us so we have a paper trail of our efforts. We hadn't done it in over a month, so I thought the results were going to be drastic. Eh. NO. In all honesty, Troy looks better in every pic... Me I look the same. It doesn't help that Daisy never takes the pic from the same location, so they always look way different. But I don't see any drastic or even subtle changes. It sucks. I also weighed myself today and I've gained a pound. I've been fucking with this same 2 pounds for I swear a month. It's not fair. I eat right, I exercise my ass off... well, I try to, and I don't see any fruits of my labor. Now, pictures, I have a lot to lose, so I can understand not seeing anything in a pic. But that FUCKING SCALE!!! Argh. And, I rode my bike up hills and my BMF didn't register any activity. Really? I'm sweating, huffing and puffing and nada? But it didn't seem to catch my earlier efforts either. Either my body is really getting used to this, which would suck balls, or I'm not working as hard as I thought I was. Or my BMF is dirty. Gonna clean it.


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