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Sunday, August 1, 2010


This pic shows current weight, not what it was that day.

Ok, so the other day I practically killed myself. Working out like crazy, not eating, all the stuff you're not supposed to do. Then yesterday I went to the Brooks and Dunn concert, pretty much ate like shit....(still under my calories for the day and worked out but didn't eat healthy) and when I weighed myself at the gym this morning I lost 3.5 lbs!!!!!!!! I'm soooo fucking happy! I haven't really lost in a few weeks. Just gained a pound, lost the pound. It was pretty tedious. But all of my hard work really is paying off. I'm not going to do what I did the other day often, just wanted to shake my system up a little.

Also, at the concert, pants that I had bought this winter for the summer that were too tight, were falling off my ass. And not in the gangsta rapper style. Like the pants around your ankle, showing your whole ass style! MOTIVATION! And I need more perfect fit buttons. I love those frikkin things!

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