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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GoWear Fit, Body Buggs and Heart Monitors, oh my!!!

I've been on my weight loss "journey" for almost 3 months now. I hate the term journey. It sounds so 60's hippy trippy to me. How's about adventure? I dunno about that either. I'll think of something.

I didn't weigh myself in the beginning, but I'm just going by pics and stuff from when I was at my heaviest and I'm sure I was there or past it. I wasn't going to say my height and weight, but Skinny Emmie says hers, so what the hell. I am currently 347 lbs and 5'8". At my known heaviest weight I was 375. So when I started this excursion I estimate that I was 375. Or more. But that's a safe weight to have myself start from. I know, holy shit! 375lbs? Who does that?

So now, I am hellbent on losing weight. I went from eating everything and anything to being so determined and active. It's crazy. BUT.... I'm losing weight soooo slowly. Not the typical 2 lbs a week. Like, 2 lbs every month. I'm exaggerating, but it's what it feels like. So I went from already going to the gym 6 days a week (3 days of cardio and 3 days of yoga) to almost everyday and cardio and weight training in addition to yoga. Meaning I'm in the gym around 2 hours a day almost 7 days a week. And still not losing weight that quickly. I think having gastric bypass previously really fucked up my way of thinking when it comes to sensible weight loss. So I'm kinda pissed about it.

So, I went on my ipod and found Lose It! an AWESOME app to tracking your food and weight loss and activity. Love it! And I had it linked to my facebook account, so whatever I did would show up in my status and rat me out.

But, I still felt that I wasn't successfully losing weight. So I got a heart rate monitor. I bought a New Balance Heart Rate Monitor watch. . Very basic functionality as you can't upload your weight and height, which definitely changes your calories burned count. Also, it was supposed to have a pedometer setting, but I could never access it... so it didn't really work out for me. But it was waterproof and I appreciated knowing approximately how much I burned while "swimming".

Still not losing weight at the 2lbs a week level, so I got another calorie counter that you can input your weight. I just used it for activities, never fully utilizing it because I had my eye on the prize....

The BodyMedia Fit/Go Wear Fit (by the same people that make the Body Bugg) . I bought it a week ago and I LOVE IT!!!! It's an armband that works with their website that monitors your steps taken, activity level, calories burned, calories consumed, sleep duration and efficacy. I also bought the display watch because I am a gadget girl and I need to SEE at any given time how much I've burned, how many steps I've taken. It's a little pricy, but so worth it! (They're not paying me for this). As soon as I ordered it, I got the bigger armband because I knew I would need it, and I got a skin to change the appearance of it, because I'm that kinda girl. It's comfortable night when I know I'm just going to shower then veg out, I take it off for an hour or so to rest my arm. It's soooo hot here in Philly, and it's not irritating to me. I sync it to my computer in the morning to see how badly I slept (insomnia=3 hours of sleep). I knew I was tired throughout the day, I knew it took forever to fall asleep, but I didn't know how restless I really was. It's a good thing to know.

I can see a graph that tells me that I eat more carbs than anything, I see how much of the 45 minutes that I set for activity I've accomplished, I see that I am going to eventually make my goal of being healthier.

I started my expedition doing as I said before, yoga 3 times a week and the elliptical 3 times a week. Now that I have my BMF, I do as follows:

Mondays: yoga and then a Cardio Sculpt class at my gym.
Tuesdays: Zumba and then yoga
Wednesdays: yoga the kickboxing
Thursdays: Zumba step and then yoga
Fridays: yoga and elliptical
Saturdays: elliptical and weight training
Sundays: swimming and weight training

What I've noticed is I don't burn that many calories during yoga, but I love it so I'm going to continue (my goal is eventually be a yoga instructor). I aim for 45 minutes of moderate and vigorous activities during the day. Usually I can't get them just from the classes I take (which is very surprising to me because you would think an hour of Zumba would be an hour of activity, but if you count the warm up, cool down and my numerous water breaks, it only amounts to about 30 minutes. So when I get home and get settled, I look at my display and see that I need to do 10 minutes more of activity, so I go to youtube and watch a video by and get in the rest of my workout. So now, I do at least 45 minutes of real activity, burn no less than 3500 calories a day, eat about 1800 calories a day, and I have more energy than I've had in a long time. I also do at least 50 crunches a night. I'm REALLY trying to lose weight, can you tell?

My fat scrubs are now kinda swimming on me and my "shrunken" scrubs fit great now. It's a good thing. I might not see the numbers on the scale go down as much as I wanted to, but I can now run up the steps to my house without getting winded. That's amazing!!!

*no one is paying me for my statements, but they could if they wanted to*

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