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Thursday, December 16, 2010

old navy

So yesterday with the whole clothing thing....

I borrowed Daisy's shirt to wear tonight. It's a regular 2x as opposed to the Women's Plus 2x (or in my previous case Women's Plus 4x). It fits great, but I still don't feel it's dressy enough... so I was trying to think of what to do.

Duh, I can go to Old Navy and try on another 2x top. I promise I won't be disappointed if nothing fits, but it will be really great to be able to shop inside of an Old Navy store instead of online where they make us fatties shop.

I weighed myself at work today (I brought my digital scale here because for some reason there is no place in my house that I can use it and get an accurate reading. It said 299.8, I put a jug of water on it which weighs 8.4 so I know if it's correct, then I weighed myself again. 299.8. I'm not going to get overexcited because we have the work dinner tonight (seafood pasta is what I'm getting) and I use the scale at the gym to give me my official readings because it's consistant.

I'm very happy with my progress. It has been frustrating more often than not... but I'm appreciating that I am working hard, and even if I "cheat" I own up to it. It's important to be culpable. Even if Troy gives us a not healthy dinner, I can decide to eat it as it is, or modify it, or not eat it at all. I have the power. My body is an extention of my mind..... if I can control my mind, I can control my body.

We're having our Holiday BBQ on Saturday. Last party I controlled myself and did good. This party will be the same. It's more laid back now, it's a potluck party. It's easier for me.

75.2 lbs down... 100 more to go. I can do this.

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