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Monday, September 13, 2010

Still here...

Just been a little busy.
This past week or two (let's be honest), I haven't really been eating too well for dinner. Lots of getting takeout, etc. I have been in the mood for fish lately and I just don't eat fish. Ever. I mean, in 15 years I haven't had fish once. When I did eat it, it was always fried on a sandwich with cheese. So that's what I've been having. Ugh. Like almost every day last week. My body is pretty aware, and if I'm deficient in something I will crave a food with that something. It's cool in a way.

So my weight has stayed the same. I'm still exercising almost every day. I skipped Saturday. I'm not sure why. Just procrastinated until it was too late and I was too tired. My eating at work has been perfect.. just at home not so much. It's hard because Troy has been working a lot of overtime, so neither of us really were eating how we should. If one of us eats like shit, then we both do. It's an enabler type thing.

BUT---- this weekend when I looked in the mirror I could actually see weight loss. Like seriously see it on my own. That was amazing for me. I could sometimes see it in pictures if I had an old one next to it. But to look in the mirror and say damn, I look good.... not typical of me. I must be doing something right. It's encouraging.

My coworker literally just told me that she can see my weight loss. I love it!!!

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